Dead Can Dance

In Concert
PIAS America
Street: 04.16
Dead Can Dance = This Mortal Coil + Cocteau Twins + Chelsea Wolfe
If you have ever heard Dead Can Dance, then it should be obvious that my "equation" does them no justice. These genre-crossing pioneers of folk-influenced "mood" music have wisely released In Concert, which somewhat summarizes the band’s globetrotting tour, only scratches the surface of what they have to offer. It’s an excellent starting point for anyone who has interest in the band, and it’s a more-than-worthwhile catch for those who have been following them since their inception, and who hang on vocalist Lisa Gerrard’s every breathy, beautiful, haunting note. The compositions featured on this release are mainly from the band’s 2012 release, Anastasis, but they have included some often-overlooked gems on the album as well. Put simply, this is a must-own release. –Gavin Hoffman