Dead Gaze
Brain Holiday
Fatcat Records
Street: 10.22
Dead Gaze = MGMT + Pixies

Dead Gaze (AKA R. Cole Furlow) sounds exactly—and I mean exactly—like Nathan Williams of Wavves (most apparent on “A Different Way”). On some tracks, however, Dead Gaze travel into pop territory, especially on “Yuppies are Flowers” which features some mildly distorted guitar that chunks alongside a catchy synth hook that dig into your earballs. Dead Gaze can open up a can of rock n’ roll (“You’ll Carry on Real Nice”), but he’s at his best when he slows it down. “Stay, Don’t Stay,” has soft, quiet vocals over elegant acoustic strumming and moving guitar atmospheres that hide in the background. “Breathing Creatures” has great head-bobbing keyboard melodies and light horns dancing in the back, and “Brain Holiday” has a fantastic textured sound that can only be appreciated through headphones— it’s good shit. –CJ Morgan