Death Karma
The History of Death & Burial Rituals Part I
Iron Bonehead
Street: 02.13
Death Karma = Cult of Fire + Horrendous + Varathron
Leave it to Slovakian weirdo Lord Vlad to give blasty blackened death metal an emotionally gripping sense of atmosphere. Throughout The History of Death & Burial Rituals Part I, dense layers of instrumentation clash and combine into alternating waves of harmony and cacophony—at times affecting swirling, psychedelic madness and at others vaunting to euphoric, misanthropic majesty. At the core of it all, absolutely fantastic Hellenic-style black metal riffs battle it out with true Norwegian darkness. Lurking like a wraith in the mortuary halls, haunting rock organs moan through the mist, echoing with mourning and regret. The only mark against this record is its mixing—Jurg’s phenomenal drumming sits regrettably high in the mix, making it difficult to take in the full scope of the album’s evil magnificence. Even so, Death Karma’s debut is intense, unique and well worth your attention. –Henry Glasheen