Review: Destruction Unit – Negative Feedback Resistor

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Destruction Unit

Destruction Unit
Negative Feedback Resistor

Sacred Bones
Street: 09.18
Destruction Unit = Black Flag + Torche

This one is a real scorcher. Death Unit are probably a riot to see live, and I’d love to do so, but I’m pretty afraid that I’d leave short a few teeth or maybe sporting a new black eye after the whole venue turned into a mosh pit. Negative Feedback Resistor opens with a bit of a slow burn over the four minutes of opening track “Disinfect.” This gradual build opens up into the full blast, Mad Max–paced second track, “Proper Decay,” and doesn’t really let off the gas much through the remaining six tracks. Destruction Unit mix equal parts classic ’80s and ’90s punk rock intensity with some modern hardcore heaviness, and though it isn’t necessarily anything new, it is a thrill to listen to. Who needs coffee when you can throw this on first thing in the morning? –Alex Gilvarry