Blackbook EP
Plug Research
Street: 04.21
Dfalt = Kodomo + 
Cassettes Won’t Listen

Hailing from Los Angeles, Dfalt is a dark reflection of the electronic scene. Like a city’s dream, Blackbook is a shifting, unpredictable experience that somehow feels both recognizable and unfamiliar.  The entire EP is a mood piece that reflects the ominous feeling you get wandering home drunk at five-o’-clock in the morning—wondering if you’re going to actually make it home.  Its hip-hop influences lend a grooving feel to tracks, particularly in “Freshkicks” which was my favorite on the EP—a drippy, downtempo adventure that sounds like the Super Mario underground level theme song with smears of demonic rapping. The beats are what stand out to me throughout the EP, even if not much else does. Not the most original release of 2k15, though. –Kamryn Feigel