Review: Diarrhea Planet/Those Darlings – Live At Pickathon

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Diarrhea Planet-Those Darlins

Diarrhea Planet/Those Darlings
Live At  Pickathon

Easy Sound Recording Co
Street: 04.18
Diarrhea Planet/Those Darlings = Title Fight + X

With a name like Diarrhea Planet, you’re going to turn heads. With snotty emo vocals with a dirty rock sound, these guys grabbed my attention. For a live album, their set is well balanced, not a lot of drag throughout. You can hear them convey how much fun they have when they play in the live set. I would definitely see these guys live. As per the Those Darlings side, it was a hodgepodge of Britpop punk (The Vibrators come to mind, specifically), but with Billy Zoom playing the guitar. They do a great cover of “Sweet Sweet Heart,” but they don’t break any new ground with it. I’d love to see them live, particularly with a heavier contrast band like The Coathangers. Overall, this is an LP that surprised me, I wasn’t expecting a lot here. Pick it up and have a listen. –Alex Cragun