Dim Mak
Street: 03.19
Dirtyphonics = Skrillex + Excision
Dirtyphonics are a French EDM quartet who have been bursting onto the scene since the major success of their hit single, “French Fuck.” These four guys (Charly, Pho, Thomas and Pitchin) pull influence from metal bands, and it’s obvious when listening to their debut album, Irreverence. Hard, crunchy synths and violent drums all flawlessly weave together to make what I like to simply call “headbanging music.” With help from some of the most notable names in the game right now, like Steve Aoki and Modestep, just to name a couple, Irreverence is a win for any EDM fan. The track that I had the most fun banging my head to was “No Stopping Us,” featuring producer/DJ duo Foreign Beggars. I’m a big fan of any track that is able to combine hip hop and EDM together––aka music sex! Irreverence is definitely a must-buy.