Disturbance Project
Grita Mientras Puedas
Street: 05.01
Disturbance Project = Nasum + Toxic Narcotic + Extreme Noise Terror

Disturbance Project turned up both the volume and grind knobs (the latter of which goes far past the 11th mark) and Grita Mientras Puedas was brought to life. It’s also probably safe to assume that they’re really pissed off. The songs speed by like crack-addicted light particles, all the while puking diatribes in Spanish. Both polar ends of the grindcore vocal range (low growls and banshee screams) are employed, which is impressive when pulled off correctly. After an intro of radio sounds, the drummer counts three on the snare, prompting order and harmony to take a smoke break. “Casa Belli” is 57 seconds of blast beats, shrieks and blurred punk riffing. The title track kind of sounds like some of the other ones, but it’s still pretty cool. I have a friend who gets horrific migraines all the time. I think that after giving Grita Mientras Puedas a listen, I can now empathize with that kind of head pain, albeit on a much smaller scale. Grind on, fellas. –Alex Coulombe