Diversant: 13
New World Disorder
Street: 11.28.14
Diversant: 13 = Nitro/Noise + Funker Vogt + Cannibal Corpse

I have very mixed feelings about this one. I felt a lot of passion and was filled with sadness while listening to “New World,” which features Omnimar. Its harmonic piano-style notes and slower BPMs really show that this band can pull you in with their talent. The energetic, stomp-inducing sound of “Reborn” mixed with dubstep is one that makes my pulse beat faster—it’s something people crave to hear when on the dance floor. Unfortunately, this vocal style killed it for me. There seems to be a lot of music coming out in the industrial genre that has this style of Cookie Monster vocals. Please stop. Try singing instead of screaming, or even slow it down a bit. The time and energy that is put into writing the lyrics is wasted. Maybe try to make it so your listeners can understand you! –Mistress Nancy