U Feelin Dizzy Yet?


Street: 04.23

Dizzy = Kanye West + Chiddy Bang

My distaste started with the opening track. Four-and-a-half fucking minutes straight of thank-yous begins to sound like a horrendous Oscar speech. After surviving “Intro”, I started to realize these hip hop artists must be playing a very un-creative version of Mad Libs. Instead of “noun” and “adjective”, however, the descriptions under the blanks reference “titties” and “money.” If I hear another song mention champagne, ex: “Welcome To My Life,” I’m going to vomit. Just when I was thinking it couldn’t get any worse, “O.T.O.M.G.” kicked in the auto-tune and club references and ruined my evening. This shit sounds exactly the same as the garbage being played when I was 17. No sense of maturity, seemingly no effort and no creativity. –LeAundra Jeffs