Donovan Blanc
Captured Tracks
Street: 06.24
Donovan Blanc = Real Estate / Ducktails
Donovan Blanc are New Jersey natives and the most recent artists signed to the Captured Tracks family. Captured Tracks and New Jersey are known to provide blissed-out guitar work, and Donovan Blanc deliver. Their debut album is full of soothing and soaring vibes, thanks to their dreamy guitar riffs and self-reflective songwriting. Whether they’re asking, “Do you look the same in the morning?” on “Is it Natural” or relenting, “I don’t want to be the one to break your heart,” on “Girlfriend,” Donovan Blanc are revealing natural fears we’ve all felt before, with a fine sense of rhythm. On “Can’t Wait To Meet You,” they let the harpsichord solo dance among an upbeat guitar and bass combo. The result is magic, and calls to mind Paul Simon. I’m always looking for that warm feeling of nostalgia, and that’s what Donovan Blanc offer. –Justin Gallegos