Milk Money
Graveface Records
Street: 10.22
Dosh = Grimes + XXYYXX

Experimental electronic music seems to be kind of the trend lately among newer artists, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the best music. Dosh deliver an album that, while it has a good quality of sound backing it, is not something I could see becoming big. In an almost entirely instrumental album, there are a few tracks that are good, such as “20 Year,” a faster-paced song with haunting, wordless vocals and heavily synthesized beats that create kind of a spiritual vibe. My favorite song on the album, titled “Unto Internity,” features chanting female vocals that go along with an eerie yet funky synthesized instrumental beat. However, most of the tracks seem to be one of those songs you would hear playing as background noise on a Sims game while you build your unnecessarily large dream house. –Julia Sachs