Review: Dr. Boogie – Self-Titled

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Dr Boogie

Dr. Boogie

Dead Beat Records
Street: 12.01.14
Dr. Boogie = New York Dolls + T.Rex

I’ll admit that the first track—“Life On The Breadline”—of Dr. Boogie’s self-titled EP does little to inspire, and my initial thought is that it might be a bit flat. So, the trick here is to look past the cover and find the charm that this EP has to offer. The second track, “Down This Road,” is the beginning of their charm and proof that Dr. Boogie has to something to offer here. Its’s got an early-1970s mix of gritty glam with a bluesy feel that is almost reminiscent of sound the New York Dolls would blast through their amps. “Queen of the Streets” continues on this note and is the top track to look for on this EP. It’s a solid, rocking glam number that highlights the vocalist’s whiskey-soaked sound and the band’s excellent compositional ability. With that, don’t judge a book by its cover—there might be something worthwhile beneath. –Nick Kuzmack