Review: Dream Koala – Exodus

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Dream Koala

Street: 12.04.15
Dream Koala = Ta-ku / Tropics

Yndi Ferreira, a.k.a. Dream Koala, is a French-Brazilian singer, songwriter and producer who’s built a large following without being signed to an actual label, and Exodus is his follow up to an EP released in 2014 titled, Earth. Home. Destroyed. Both releases are concept albums where the artist explores eco-apocalypse themes with beautiful intricacy. Ferreira’s work is far from being minimal, but he leaves enough space between his drum sequences and faint synths to fill a universe created with abstract lyrics about existing in awe of your surroundings. Each track feels like a complete sensory experience as a beautiful sci-fi score overwhelms you narrated by ghostly vocals floating through the atmosphere. Landing somewhere between abstract R&B and trip-hop, Exodus feels like a spiritual journey of self-discovery by a critique of one’s surroundings. –Justin Gallegos