Drew Price’s Bermuda Triangle
Friends And Family
Happenin Records
Street: 09.10
Drew Price’s Bermuda Triangle = My Bloody Valentine + Seefeel + The Flaming Lips

I wasn’t exactly excited to listen to this album, mostly due to an underwhelming description on the press release, the presence of several new LPs on the "to listen" shelf—and a Breaking Bad episode on the DVR—but I’m glad that I did. Friends and Family is rather enjoyable, as far as experimental bedroom pop solo-projects go. There’s a commendable range of diversity in the track selection. "Dead Flower (Nothin’ Means Somethin’)" sways along with a mid-tempo guitar chord progression and reverb-washed vocals. "Don’t Treat It All" resembles a shoegaze track that could have been included on an early 90s mixtape. It’s easy to imagine the house-leaning "Roshe Girl" being played to send models down a runway. The sequencing of Friends And Family’s tracklist is exactly as it should be, creating the sense of an actual album. This is a well-considered whole, rather than simply a collection of songs loosely threaded together. –T.H.