Drifting In Silence
Labelle Records
Street: 10.21
Drifting In Silence =
The Glitch Mob +
(Bassnectar – heavy bass)

“Dear god, not another dubstep album,” I thought to myself when I first saw the album artwork for Desire. The cover depicts a graphic of the artist’s name with some red, squiggly lines and blotches faded together to look like a supernova (at least that’s my interpretation). Basically, it screamed dubstep. Following a classic example of the ancient and wise Bo Diddley proverb, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” the album was far from what I expected—in a good way. I’m going to categorize this album into what every reviewer describes as a post-EDM electronic album—ambient, glitchy and rock-influenced. The heavy drumbeats mesh well with the synthesizers and hypnotizing robotic sounds. Highlights of the album are “Until,” “Lie” and “Consciousness.” Get the album if you obsess over The Glitch Mob like I do. –Julia Sachs