284 Days 
Street: 02.03 
Dronen = (Radiohead + The Smashing Pumpkins + Nirvana) x Breaking Benjamin 

Aptly named for the length of time it took to put out their latest EP, 284 Days is the second release from California rock trio Dronen, fronted by Daniel Olivas on vocals, whose lyrics and style are anthems enough for the band’s claim to heavy ’90s roots. The hype about this EP seems to be the journey taken to get it recorded, which actually is just a comparison to their first album’s process and is essentially every other band’s start-up story: a lot of trial and error. They play it safe with songs like “Tonight” and “A Song to The Past,” then fully open up with “Lights Out” and “The Loss of All Real Things,” showing what they’re truly capable of. While the composition of each song is simple, the band’s countless hours of self-recording and rehearsal is fully evident. With a clean sound, passionate lyrics and fist-pumping rhythms, I’ll be throwing in 284 Days on laundry days, while lounging around the house in my ripped jeans and flannel. The biggest credit to give to their ’90s influence is their songs ranging from about 4:30–5:00 minutes long, a much appreciated and desired break from 2010’s trends of two-minute songs. 284 Days is a recommended addition to any grunge aficionado—I would even show up at a show if they rolled through town. –Andrea Silva