Vermin and Ashes 
Hells Headbangers
Street: 02.10
Dwell = early Anathema + The Vein + early Paradise Lost
With a growing trend of bands paying homage to early doom—specifically early UK doom—Denmark’s Dwell indulge in bit of that lineage but have created something that sounds completely new, and to gush: It’s perfect. Dwell comprises members of the mighty Cerekloth, including vocalist JBP as well as members of The Vein and a bunch of other great bands. The gigantic strength of Dwell is the dynamics of the band—no song sounds the same, and things never sound tedious—a difficult task for any band. At times, we have soul-crushing doom and at others we have incredible, old school death gnashing. Then there is the atmosphere—the synth work here is some of the best I’ve heard since the UK death/doom days. The mostly synth track “Become the Void” is easily one of the most amazing things I’ve heard in a while. –Bryer Wharton