Eksi Ekso
Retro Records
Street: 05.17
Eksi Ekso = Minus The Bear + Sparta
Shitty bands love buzzwords, like art-pop and hyper-sexualized; these guys have nothing but buzzwords. I feel like the lead singer was in a Hoobastank tribute band, and this is his attempt to stay relevant. I honestly can’t tell if it is satire. Most songs start out with a shitty synth line that a high school student would come up with after getting really into Muse, and build their way up to an upbeat chorus sung entirely in a poorly executed falsetto. After they feel they have you dancing to their early-2000s indie-rock nightmare, they slow it down and bring in a piano, so that you know that they are serious artists with depth, then they throw in some nifty math-rock guitar lines (à la Minus The Bear) and repeat 10 times.