El Ten Eleven

Transitions Remixed

Fake Record Label

Street: 04.02

Transitions Remixed = El Ten Eleven + Ratatat + Crystal Castles + Odesza

It’s very interesting to see what artists can produce from another artist’s original track. Transitions Remixed is a fresh and interesting play on El Ten Eleven’s 2012 album. Even if you aren’t a fan of the El Ten Eleven, with 11 other electronic groups and artists doing remixes, there are so many different genres and sounds that if you can’t find something you like there might be something wrong with your ears. Amp Live’s remix of “Birth” gives the song new life with some flashy synth and a beat that will get your head nodding. Max Tundra’s reworking of “Lullaby” takes the original track and turns it into a poppy, chaotic ride. Odd Nosdam transforms “Thanks Bill” from it’s happy, guitar filled beginnings and makes it dark, slow and cerebral. I could go on and on about the remixes on this album, some are great and some aren’t, but the album is definitely worth checking out. –Carl Acheson