Electric Funeral
Total Funeral
Southern Lord Records
Street: 07.22
Electric Funeral = (Disclose + World Burns To Death) / Doom

I have the perfect solution to your mediocre life—Electric Funeral. A 53-song discography for the Swedish D-beat group, this album is great for shitty days or shitty nights. Be forewarned—don’t listen to the entire album in one sitting or you’ll find yourself wearing a black hoodie and bandana, waving a black flag in the middle of State Street. I’m not kidding; it’s a bit much to take in all at once. The vocals of Jocke are more unintelligible and more aggressive than the Ferguson police force. My favorite tracks are the scratchy “Chemical Lobotomy” and “Die/Hate/Cry.” They both paint a bleak, ashen world. This collection is crust at its finest, and thank you to Southern Lord Records for dusting this off and reissuing this music. I never would have heard it without them. –Alex Cragun