Elisa Ambrogio
The Immoralist
Drag City Records
Street: 10.21
Elisa Ambrogio = Mirah + Kimya Dawson

You may have heard Ambrogio as the lead singer in the heavier band Magik Markers, but nowadays she’s a solo artist with a heart-on-her-sleeve attitude about songwriting. Her tracks have a sweet and soft pace, with electric undertones and subtle build of tension. She uses unpretentious lyricism about love and romance that will kick your heart in the ass. In “Mary Perfectly,” she sings, “Every fire in history burned hot and then burned out.” “Stopped Clocks” has fast-paced bass and a Karen O feel, while “Fever Sealed Yes Forever” is 1:46 of an almost gospel-ly electro-organ solo. The Immortalist will have you empathizing hard because it’s relatable without being preachy. –Kia McGinnis