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Empresarios – The Vibes

The Vibes

Empresarios Music
Street: 09.25
Empresarios = Thievery Corporation + Thunderball + Yerba Buena

Coining themselves a “Tropicaliente” group, Empresarios (meaning businessmen in Spanish) are a fusion of Reggaetón, Salsa and Latin pop with a little bit of an Afro-Cuban flair. Empresarios specialize in infectious, dance-worthy party music with effortless Spanglish that even the most Spanish-challenged gringos can get down with. “Morena,” a track about a sexy brunette, is the catchiest song on The Vibes, while “Salsoul” plays with classic salsa/Latin Jazz themes such as “Vamos bailando,” and “Oye Como Va.” Empresarios have so many different genres and styles going on in just one album, but it is all cohesive, giving off the sunny, Caribbean vibes that they set out to create. –Ali Shimkus