Review: Enabler – Fail to Feel Safe

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Fail to Feel Safe

Century Media
Street: 07.08
Enabler = All Pigs Must Die + Young and in the Way

Fail to Feel Safe is an exercise in astringent hate and D-beat beatdowns. A scorching grindcore album, this group never lets up on the metallic dystrophy stomping in your cavities. Jeff Lohrber’s strained range reminds me a lot of Weekend NachosJohn Hoffman but with a tinge more angst to the mix. I mostly want to see this trio live, as this album provides multiple moments where hordes of fans battle for the mic (e.g. “Demolition Praise”). Based out of Ohio, these guys have a sound that balances powerviolence and grindcore, much like Harm’s Way has been doing for the past couple years. Buy this album, crank it up and drown out your douchey neighbor’s The Civil Wars. To find out more recent news on Enabler, click here. –Alex Cragun