In Times 
Nuclear Blast
Street: 03.10 
Enslaved = Emperor + Borknagar + Windir 
This is the next step in the constant evolution of the black-gone-Viking-gone-progressive metal dudes. In Times is similar to Enslaved’s 2012 album RIITIIR but nowhere near the same. I keep coming back for helpings of In Times. It’s one of those albums that, no matter how many times I listen to it, I keep finding new, little and fantastic nuances. In Times is about progression and songwriting maybe more than any Enslaved album to date. The tempo and momentum changes make the almost hour-long album go by in the blink of an eye. The transition from melodic and calm styles then to fast black metal riffing make the album-listening experience unlike many records that wear thin after a few listens. Although Enslaved were born in the ’90s Norwegian black metal era, they’re a great example of the idea of moving far past those so-called “glory days.” Time only improves Enslaved metallic dominance. (Bar Deluxe: 03.13) –Bryer Wharton