Epic Problem
Rebel Sounds
Street: 01.02
Epic Problems = Off With Their Heads! + Rancid + Blitz
Hailing from Derbyshire, England, this four-piece band (who take their name from a Minor Threat song) is one of the few worth listening to in modern street punk. I knew almost immediately I was going to like this album in the first 30 seconds of the opening track, “Lines.” Mackie, bassist for Blitz, is the guitarist for Epic Problem, and you can really hear the Oi! influence from time to time. Four tracks long, this short EP is perfect for those trips to work on Trax, especially when you’re trying to ignore that screaming baby behind you. Admittedly, I caught myself skanking down the sidewalk a few times on my walk to work, so be prepared for that. These guys released an EP in 2012, which was also good, but overall, their sound hasn’t changed much, and I don’t care. Why change something that isn’t broken? Anyone who is a fan of The Menzingers and gritty, guttural punk vocals should give these guys a listen. –Alex Cragun