Review: Erik Enocksson – Apan (Reissue)

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Erik Enocksson – Apan (Reissue)

Erik Enocksson
Apan (Reissue)

Posh Isolation
Street: 06.29
Erik Enocksson =  Christian Zanesi + Ben Prunty + Earth

Unfolding like a long, dark journey into the yawning void of space, Erik Enocksson captures a delicate weightlessness with his ambient music on Apan. While never overstaying his welcome with any one particular track, there is still something endless and captivating about Enocksson’s drones and ambiances, which combine guitar-driven waves of distortion and a selection of synths to create expansive soundscapes, enveloping the listener in a world of private contemplation. “IV” brings to mind the surreal, understated pacing of ’70s sci-fi films, while the majestic sweeps of “V” evoke alien landscapes and a sense of overpowering mystery. Themes of discovery and intrigue permeate the aural experience of Apan, melding together the pioneering spirit of musique concrète and a modern, more controlled aesthetic. While this album might not be pushing any boundaries in its chosen genre, Enocksson creates a genuinely interesting headspace that is at once nostalgic and unfamiliar, contemporary and deeply retrospective. Compelling even in its stark minimalism, Apan inspires introspection and reflection, making it an excellent companion on long nights spent looking up at the sky and pondering our place within the infinite reaches of the cosmos. –Henry Glasheen