Trouble in Mind
Street: 11.19
Espectrostatic = John Carpenter + Tangerine Dream + Goblin
When I was an undergrad and therefore had stupid amounts of free time on my hands, my best friend and I watched a different horror movie every day for the 31 days of October. After a binge like that, I did not want to see another one for another year. It was the soundtracks, however, that brought me back. I remember distinctly being riveted (and terrified) by Goblin’s classic score for Suspiria or Carpenter’s from Halloween. There is something about those simple, driving melodies that gets your blood racing. Garage rock impresario Alex Cuervo (Hex Dispensers, Feast of Snakes) has faithfully captured the intensity and driving repetition of classic horror movie soundtracks on his newest synth project, Espectrostatic. Motoric rhythm, endlessly repeating arpeggios and enough moodiness and intensity to score any mid-’90s slasher flick or (conversely) late ’70s Italian horror film—don’t listen to this after October. –Ryan Hall