Evil Conscience
Death is Only the Beginning
Slaughterhouse Records
Street: 01.09
Evil Conscience = Necrophagist + Gorguts + Benighted 
Listening to the mighty, brutal, tech-death metal offering from India’s Evil Conscience leaves my personal taste and judgment at a crossroads. The band employs breakdowns and some vocal styles that I normally stray from. This is not a release I feel like ignoring just because of personal taste, though. Evil Conscience exercises balance in terrific ways here. The songwriting mixes things up with instrumentation played to precision from ripping death metal to tech time changes and, yes, breakdowns. Yet nothing is performed in any form of excess—it’s more out of restraint. The EP even touches on some progressive styles, breaking the molds of what this style of death metal should sound like. If modern death metal bands like EC played more on their strengths than just trying to appease a style, I’d listen to what they execute well more often. DIOTB dishes chaos with ultimate heaviness and crunch with a crystalline production approach. –Bryer Wharton