Faces on Film

Elite Lines


Street: 03.25

Faces on Film = The Flaming Lips + Jim James

After acknowledging such artists as Harry Nilsson and Frank Ocean as grounding inspirations in creating Elite Lines, Mike Fiore of Faces on Film laid no waste in implementing their styles within his own contributions to the ever-advancing genre of contemporary pop. Fiore flutters his reverberating vocals along a fluid soundscape of fundamental R&B rhythms, retro-futuristic organ sustains and polite acoustic guitar bursts (think early-era My Morning Jacket, except less acid and more business suits). The record’s single, “The Rule,” is harmless and catchy enough to earn radio time, but it’s inferior in comparison to more balanced tracks like “Bad Star” or “Daytime Nowhere.” While the album’s eight songs clock in under 40 minutes, it’s more than enough to give the average pop listener a fix without making them dig through filler for it. –Gregory Gerulat