Review: Fashionism – Quit Looking At The Time

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Fashionism – Quit Looking At The Time

Quit Looking At The Time 7

Street: 08.22
Fashionsim = Tranzmittors + The Cute Lepers

What’s not to love about Fashionism’s high-energy, punchy, power-pop–meets–1970s-era–glam punk numbers? I mean, to suggest that the Quit Looking At The Time 7 represents anything but an infectiously good, solid two tracks that superbly show off Fasionism’s ability to blast out up-tempo and catchy-as-hell lyrics would be a notion of total absurdity. After making this purchase, place this single on your turntable and drop the needle. Oh, and make sure that the volume is cranked all the way up for the full effect—then, by all means, pogo your little heart out. That’s what this stuff is meant for. –Nick Kuzmack