Smash the State (With Your Face) EP
Street: 01.20
Fashionsim = The Boys + Tranzmitors + The Modernettes 
Vancouver, British Columbia’s shameless agitators, Fashionism, have finally come out with their debut EP, Smash the State (With Your Face). Fashonism exhibits a rich duality of glam-punk and power-pop that is somehow compressed into the confines of a 7” rock n’ roll record. This EP is a solid three tracks of energetic, angst-filled vocals, courtesy of Jeffery McCloy (Transmitters, Newtown Animals) and is defined by a certain nostalgic sound like that of something you’d hear off of Stiff Records in the late 1970s. The Smash the State (With Your Face) EP cannot just be played once, for after the needle drops, this fast-paced invocation of upstart, keep-you-young rock n’ roll is all one needs to start shaking all around to.  So start spinning. –Nick Kuzmack