Father John Misty 
I Love You, Honeybear 
Sub Pop Records
Street: 02.10
Father John Misty = Nick Drake + Ryan Adams + Harry Nilsson 

Josh Tillman, the man behind the moniker Father John Misty, has hinted at personal demons in previous work but completely unleashes anything he’s been holding back with this sophomore release. I Love You, Honeybear slapped me in the face and completely enamored me with its crudely honest lyrics, deploring love ballads and textured guitar harmonies. Tillman has a natural ability to personalize his music and does so with more vigor on I Love You, Honeybear than ever before. His moody, saccharine vocals take center stage on this album, and his lyrics are darker and more obsessive than ever before. On the track “The Night Josh Tillman Came To Our Apartment,” Tillman unleashes a ball of fury aimed at a petty, privileged girl who just doesn’t have a clue, and the result is exhilarating. This is a delightfully charming, addictive album and certainly shows Tillman at his best. –Kristyn Porter