Father Murphy
Pain Is On Our Side Now
Aagoo Records
Street: 02.27
Father Murphy = Khanate + Throbbing Gristle

Listening to this album, I found myself imagining specters and spirits dancing around a blasphemous circle of flame, while in the distance, demonic cries echo in a storm of violent proportions. I found myself disturbed and uneasy while listening to this album. The haunting voices and subdued yet chaotic atmospheric synth made sure that, as uneasy as I was listening to this in the afternoon, by nightfall, I would have all the lights on in the house. “Bones Got Dry” perfectly embodies what Father Murphy is all about—a tragic-sounding song of a quietly apocalyptic calamity. For fans of experimental industrial, I recommend this album and possibly a night light to go with it. –Seeth McGavien