Feel No Other
Street: 03.03
Feel No Other = Poeina Suddarth + Woodkid + Enya
Like blind men in a theater, we’re taken through a cinematic story of sounds: Lush vistas of synth and layered orchestrations, courtesy of Brian McKenzie, pillow strong operatic vocals from Claudia Gregory, whose voice is rarely off-pitch and acts as a striking complement to the vast soundscapes. Most tracks have a spaghetti-western influence ripped from a time when western films were dominant in cinema. You can see a silhouette amble toward the sunset as “March Towards the West” and “Gunslinger” fill your ears. Other tracks are haunting (“Even the Blue”), and some are daring (“Synoyi Edohi”), but they all tell a story. In this world, songs and stories are one and the same, and sounds and visions bounce through your head like tumbleweeds on a barren plain. From title screen to closing credits, this album is a film to appreciate. –CJ Morgan