Sacred Bones
Street: 03.31
Föllakzoid = CAVE + Lumerians + Circle
A Chilean kraut masterpiece—I’ve been waiting so long to write those words. III is an expansive, shape-shifting meditation on the marriage between the contemplative repetition of krautrock and the healing, transcendental qualities of the trio’s Santiago sonic roots via traditional Andean rhythms and instrumentation. While that description may sound like something sold at an airport gift shop, III is muscular, lean and HEAVY. Washes of Korg synthesizer paired with heavy, distortion-filled riffs pierce the galloping, motoric beat like sunlight through a punched-in window. Disembodied vocals buried in the mix are beyond the comprehension of consciousness as the four 10-minute-plus tracks fold and unfold themselves like impossible origami shapes. I put this on, close my eyes, and pray for synesthesia. –Ryan Hall