The Meating
Indiscplinarian Records
Street: 03.03
FOSSILS = Red Fang + All Pigs Must Die + Barren Womb
I’m into anything hard and fast with an emphasis on noise. FOSSILS are exactly that—edgy noise. You like Dead Kennedys? How about Suicide? Then look no further than FOSSILS. More Lightning Bolt than Bolt Thrower, FOSSILS bring the meth-induced speed to warp 8 with a genre hopscotch-leap to the left and right. What is normally an instrumental noise-group, turns into an amalgamation of foiled song, expressing a breath of talent you don’t always hear. It’s a fucking quick EP, so you may miss it the first time around—either way, pick this steaming pile of shit up and spackle it to your hard drive. –Alex Cragun