Review: Fox and The Law – The Trouble With People

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Fox and the Law

Fox and The Law
The Trouble With People

Street: 07.14
Fox and the Law = The Strokes + MC5 + White Stripes + Black Sabbath

This album will light a fire under your ass on first listen. Hailing from Seattle, they bring to the table some heavy, ’70s style riffing laid over howling psych/garage rock and bound together with a vocalist reminiscent of early Jack White. Their huge rhythm section allows the guitars and vocals to roam free and soar to ethereal heights. I love the guitar interplay, fuzzy overtones and dreamy songwriting. Just when you think they’re going to lull you to dream land, they’ll throw in a track like “Bad Motivator” at you and have you dancing around in your room just like you just heard The Hives and smoked weed for the first time. Check this album out if you’re into drinking cheap beer, dancing and getting froggy with loose women at the dive bar. Jeremy Cardenas