Foxes In Fiction
Ontario Gothic
Orchid Tapes
Street: 09.23
Foxes In Fiction = The Year of Hibernation–era Youth Lagoon / Porcelain Raft

This is bedroom pop at its finest. It’s gentle, soothing, and seems to be the stuff dreams are made of. On the opening track, “March 2011,” a hushed vocal delivery is greeted by a synchronized synth and guitar track that opens up like a dreampop opus. This characteristic is present throughout the album, where each song inevitably culminates in an emotional swell of noise that’s reminiscent of M83 productions, but with a lo-fi feel. Despite references to similar artists, Ontario Gothic has its own charm, and with string arrangements from Arcade Fire’s very own Owen Pallet, you can rest assured that the sound is nothing short of grand, albeit unobtrusive. It’s just there waiting, not forcing you to listen, but waiting for you take flight along with it. It’s worth experiencing to see what landscapes or memories it conjures in your mind, and using headphones will definitely aid in that process. –Justin Gallegos