Freaky Mind
Street: 09.30
Freaky Mind = Nitronoise + Surgyn + Grendel

I was leery when Russia’s Freaky Mind aggrotech came through my inbox. I started listening though, and enjoyed what I was hearing. It was not just the redundant screaming and catchy backing bass lines of what is coming out now in the genre—I was ecstatic that it was something more impressive with a myriad of sounds and styles. The slower style of aggression and sexy samples of “Touch (Crime),” and dominating lyrics that suggested one was stealing innocence with a touch, had me intrigued. I also thought the chiptune style fragments on “Dependence” was an interesting twist—I would have liked to hear more of that style mixed in. The Freakangel remix of “Anticomprimizer” has the stomping, grinding-noise feel that makes you want to pound out your aggression on the dance floor. I really like the direction they took with this release—it gives me hope for the aggrotech style. –Mistress Nancy