Review: Frog Eyes – Pickpocket’s Locket

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Frog Eyes

Frog Eyes
Pickpocket’s Locket

Paper Bag
Street: 08.28
Frog Eyes = Swan Lake / The Unicorns

Pickpocket’s Locket marks the ninth album for British Columbia quartet, Frog Eyes—an indie rock band known for lead singer Carey Mercer’s idiosyncratic songs and eccentric voice. Mercer’s intense display of frenetic energy is all over this album, along with the guitar and violin, which seem to be constantly battling his frantic vocals. If Dirty Projectors were to make a country album, I imagine it would sound something like this. Pickpocket’s unceasing drama makes me feel like I’m listening to an opera singer reciting country music, and the more I try to listen, the more I get annoyed. –Justin Gallegos