Front Line Assembly



Street: 05.13

Front Line Assembly = Haujobb + Skinny Puppy + Noise Unit

I found it interesting to hear the different artistic translations of last year’s Echogenetic release. Blush Response’s remix of “Echogenetic” actually gave me chills when I listened to it with its irresistible nasty, grinding sounds. This one will certainly make you dance. “Ghosts” is a very dark and depressing song and Comaduster did a great job taking the song further into darkness. The focus on the slow beats and backing tracks only push the song into depressing agony. Try not to listen to that one too much when you are down in the dumps. It was great to see Rhys Fulber’s name on the “Killing Grounds” remix, but the complexity of it makes me prefer the original track. Sometimes the simple route is better. Daniel Myer had a hand in remixing a few of these tracks, like “Deadend” done by the side project Liebknecht, and “Blood,” remixed by Haujobb. –Mistress Nancy