In The Red
Street: 10.01
Fuzz = Sic Alps + Charlie and the Moonhearts
On this release, Fuzz is made up of Ty Segall, Roland Cosio and Charlie Moothart. These guys have worked together a ton, and for good reason—it sounds great. This time around, Segall and Cosio make up the rhythm section (the former on drums and the latter on bass) and Moothart is tasked with guitar. It is definitely closer to early conventional heavy metal than any of the previous releases—you’re going to hear a ton of people compare it to Black Sabbath. Moothart’s guitar work could definitely be described as blistering (especially in the track “Loose Sutures”), and it is definitely the component being showcased. Segall’s vocals fit nicely alongside the shredding. Fuzz is an incredible classic rock album. –Cody Hudson