I Am Who I Pretend To Be
Uproar Entertainment
Street: 10.07
Gallagher = Carrot Top + Bill Engvall – props

Borrowing the title of his album from one of Kurt Vonnegut’s most famous lines, Gallagher released this final comedy album as a sendoff to his career. The watermelons are in the fridge, the massive set pieces are in the closet and most of the hats have been put away. This album is the comedian himself, recorded in the Ice House Comedy Club to an intimate audience. For most of the album, Gallagher seems to be hitting it off well, going over relationships, the judicial system, intelligent life and the French. But while the crowd may be friendly throughout the album, some of his bits just miss and are left holding empty time, like Jesus loving Twitter because he’d have a ton of followers. There’s great material in here, but it shows what happens when you don’t bring your A-game to a show and you don’t have a great editor. –Jason Killroy