Gap Dream
Shine Your Light
Burger Records
Street: 11.12.13
Gap Dream = MGMT / Ratatat
Psychedelic music tends to be bent on creating a feeling rather than giving a message. Nothing says the music needs to be either, but on Shine Your Light, Gap Dream provides the latter. They’ve traded in a previously raw and dark sound for synthesized guitars and an often-seductive vibe from front man Gabe Fulvimar, whose message is simple: “Love is not allowed to those that run,” moans Fulvimar on “Love Is Not Allowed.” Those words are at the heart of the Burger Records family to which Gap Dream belongs. It means you won’t get anywhere without being true to who you are. That idea is spread throughout the album as well as the fact that you’re a light to others when you are true to yourself. It’s a solid album from start to finish, but I recommend checking out “Fantastic Sam” if you want to get sucked in. –Justin Gallegos