George Glass
Welcome Home
Street: 08.06
George Glass = R.E.M. + Ben Folds – Graham Parker
George Glass is like the guy everybody liked in school. Not the student body president, or the football captain, but the normal, everyday guy that no one had anything bad to say about. There’s a smoothness about this straight-ahead pop stuff that some lo-fi aficionados might distrust, but put that down to their living in L.A. In that town full of phoniness, George Glass (who isn’t a person, BTW, just the band name) somehow seems genuine. Any band that penned a paean to Markie Post can’t be all bad. On “AM Radio,” he admits, “Coattails will only get you so far,” but he still has the musical equivalent of a smile and a handshake: that retro power pop that has never really seemed to go out of style since the ‘80s. –Stakerized!