Ghetto Ghouls
Monofonus Press
Street: 04.08
Ghetto Ghouls = The Dicks + The Rippers + Scratch Acid
After surviving the brutal assault of “Peepshow,” I can see the subtle brilliance that makes Ghetto Ghouls something special. Their attack of the senses, with devastating urgency, shows that this garage + noise + punk group does it right: loud, fast, simple, no bullshit and showing clear rock n’ roll roots.  Notable numbers on this album are “Psycho,” “Gimme a Gun” and “It’s So Cold,” as they highlight the passion-filled blitz of the raw punk rock that makes this album. The only downside is that the sound lacks quality. However, this is no doubt due to Ghetto Ghouls recording the album in just four hours. If you like it fast and hard, this is well worth your consideration. –Nick Kuzmack