Ghost Bath 
Northern Silence Productions
Street: 03.13
Ghost Bath = Peste Noir + The Cure
I first heard about this unique North Dakotan band from an obscure blog a few years back and remember not liking them at all. The next day, I had a weird urge to listen to them again and gave Funeral and their self-titled EP another go—I’m hooked, like an addict with no hope or want of recovery. Moonlover only deepens my appreciation for GB. They stuck to their guns yet pushed themselves to make a record that expands on their previous work. They kept their one-of-a-kind vocal style, which, for many, will either make or break the deal (you really have to hear it for yourself to know what I’m talking about). They also keep true to themselves by employing distant, haunting guitar leads (“Happy House,” “Beneath The Shade Tree”), which keep it eerie and grim while still maintaining a depressive beauty to the record. It’s nice to see this band finally getting the recognition they deserve— five out of four stars. –Alex Coulombe