Globe and Beast
Grandfather Axe
Melotov Records
Street: 3.19
Globe and Beast: Cursed + Gaza + Converge
The first 15 minutes of this album gives me a feeling of overwhelming chaos—like when a circle pit gets too crowded or finding a light switch in a large dark room. Globe and Beast, a crusty hardcore band from Southern California, don’t fuck around. Distending with distillate rage and disgust, the doom metal D-beat doesn’t let up, keeping your head below water. Globe and Beast lyrics are dark and festering, with a clear sense of right and wrong, akin to Jon Parkin’s lyric style. Their guitars can be thrashy death metal and are often paired up with some ferocious bass playing, through and through—the musicianship is something to be appreciated. The album was recorded by Alex Estrada, who recently worked with Touché Amoré, and this quality of the music is seen in the production style. Straight to the point, cutting to the bone. Pick it up on Bandcamp and bring some new life to your album rotation. -Alex Cragun