Decline & Fall

Avalanche Recordings

Street: 06.26

Godflesh = Head of David + Pitchshifter + (old) Ministry

Greased, oiled and tuned up, the soul-crushing machine that is Godflesh has returned in a more than triumphant way. Decline & Fall, the first new Godflesh material in 12 years, retains all those rushed and uncomfortable beats, crunching guitars and ludicrous bass tones but with a newly added crush factor. The guitar tones are tweaked, as are the bass tones—tweaked to even heavier sounds. It’s the heaviest the band has been since Pure. This ’Flesh drain soul energy in even more harsh ways than before. “Dogbite” and “Playing with Fire” are the best representations of the new influence from all those years of working on other things, but that old Godflesh spirit is still at the core of everything. With the amazing outcome of this EP, the impending doom and horror of what the upcoming full-length may offer makes my imagination dreadfully happy. –Bryer Wharton